Car Update – 1997 BMW M3 – 2014-02-27

I realized that I had not posted pics of my newest acquisition. I sold the 2001 M5 back in July to help finance some house remodeling and pursue my dream of owning one of each generation M3. Unfortunately, I still require four doors, so the E30 and E46 were off the table and I don’t have the money for an E90. That narrowed my choice down to the most accessible M3: the E36. I found a local one owner car for sale from a little old lady. We agreed on a price, but I still had the M5 and could not buy it until the M5 was gone. A few weeks later the M5 was sold and coincidentally, she left a message knocking 2k off our price if I could buy it that weekend. It all fell into place and I picked up the M3 after being without a car for 12 hours!

Here are pictures from the first weekend of ownership:

The exterior of the car was very clean and the interior was very nice. The engine ran strong. The only two issues were the shocks were shot and it had an automatic transmission. Within a week, I received my transmission swap kit and BC coil overs. I put the coil overs on the following weekend. The transmission sat in the backyard for a few months, but over the Christmas holiday, I completed the swap and was enjoying a manual M3!

I took these pics the day after I finished the swap:

Besides the coil overs, transmission swap, and some regular maintenance, I added a now discontinued front lip and a new head unit. The car drives and looks proper now and is a ton of fun to drive. I do not have a ton of plans for aftermarket items on this car, just a set of wheels and some audio stuff. I’ll keep this one mostly stock and work towards getting an E46 M3.


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