Saturday Meets – 2013-02-23

I was pretty busy this past weekend. Picked up a new filter to try out during the day. Took a few shots at the local BMW meet, something I don’t normally do since most of the meets are during the middle of the day.

Later that night I headed out with my friends and took a few shots with some different techniques. The first was just with my normal flash setup.

We then tried some light painting.

Next we tried some light painting using a technique my friend read about. I love how this picture came out.

My friend wanted some pics of his car in the same manner.

My friend really wanted these last three pics. These came out pretty cool as well.


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2 Responses to Saturday Meets – 2013-02-23

  1. Painting with light is such a fun thing to do. You can get all colors of glow sticks and more and just go to town with it :) Love the pictures :)

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