Finally Lowered – 2012-04-15

After searching around the internet and reading tons of threads, I decided to purchase a set of B&G lowering springs. These springs were chosen for a few reasons. First, I did not want to go for coil overs this time around. I don’t need all of the adjustability afforded by coil overs. Second, I did not like how the H&R springs only lowered the front. The B&G’s give a very low stance and do it evenly. And lastly, a friend of mine was selling hers, so these were cheaply available and if I don’t like them, I don’t have a lot of sunk costs.

The install went smoothly, and took me about 6 hours, including an oil change and power steering reservoir replacement. The drop came out perfect. Now that I know I like the drop, I’ll order some Koni Yellow shocks and struts to finish it off. Next time I’m in there, I’ll also replace a few of the arms and bushings, they are starting to show their age (especially in the rear).

This latest mod also got me out to take some new pics of the M5. I finally got to try out the gradient filters I picked up about a month ago. These are pretty useful for keeping the sky from blowing out.

Taken without the gradient filters:



Taken with stacked gradient filters:







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