2001 BMW M5 – Day One

After weeks of ogling M5’s online, I finally picked up my 2001 BMW M5 to replace my recently sold 330ci. It is Lemans Blue with 137k miles. Everything is in excellent condition on the car, it even has new VANOS units, new tires, updated rod bearings, new cooling system, and new MAFS; all the common maintenance items that need to be done. Unfortunately, this gem was in Tennessee. I contacted the seller (European Auto Garage), agreed on a price with them, and bought a plane ticket.

First, let me say, Rich at European Auto Garage was very helpful. He picked me up Saturday morning from the airport, had all the paperwork ready, and made everything go very well. The car was exactly how he described it in his ads and over the phone. His shop is really sick, too. It’s the business I dream of running. If I lived in the area, I’d use them as my shop and would buy a car from them again.

Once back at European Auto Garage, I signed the paperwork, handed over the check and was on my way back to Florida. While it was a long drive, I made it back to the Merritt Island Saturday night car meet by 10 pm.

The next day, I washed the miles of dirt off of it and snapped these pictures. My friend with his 528i (the car I looked to as the inspiration for me buying an E39) had to see the M5, so I took a pic of the two cars together.

So far, I am loving this car. It may not be as nimble as my 330ci was, but its added size and all that power makes up for it.


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