330ci is gone…

Last Saturday morning, the BMW 330ci went to a new owner, but it didn’t go without a fight.

Before I sold the 330ci to its new owner, I planned to replace the warped door with a clean one. Unfortunately, I was swamped all week and didn’t have any time to do it until Thursday after work, the day before the prospective buyer would arrive in Orlando to purchase the car. No big deal, I would just work on it until I finished, whatever time that ended up being.

Starting at 6:30 Thursday night, I started removing the old door. Everything went smoothly and by 8:30, the door was disassembled.

I continued working on the door, assembling the new door panel to the car. I lined it all up, got the door latch assembled to it and put the window regulator and glass into the car. At this time, I had to plug the battery back in to use the window to make sure everything worked perfectly. I loosely bolted the airbag to the door to keep in place and closed the door. Everything looked great. I turned around to grab the exterior trim and heard a sound like a small explosion and gas escaping.

Turning back to the car, I saw that the window had shattered and the airbag’s gas cylinder had gone off. It was 1 a.m., Friday morning. After swearing at the car for a few minutes, I called the buyer and left a message. I then went to Facebook to see if anyone had a window or airbag. There was nothing I could do until the next morning.

The next day, I tracked down a window, an airbag for Saturday, and coordinated with a friend who could clear the airbag code. I called the buyer who wanted me to fix all the issues before he took the car. He could stay through Saturday if need be. With that, I picked up a window from Safelite and assembled the door. It took quite a bit of adjustment, but eventually, I got it all together and working. I met the buyer for dinner in Orlando and he was happy with the car. Unfortunately, it was raining so his test drive was a little slow. We’d meet Saturday morning to finalize everything.

We met up around 9:30 in the morning and he drove it to the bank. It put a good grin on his face. We went to the bank, got everything taken care of and went to pick up the airbag. We head over to my friend’s house and I go to put the airbag in, and the connector was different. Talk about a kick in the nuts. The new owner was understanding and I gave him a few bucks back so he could take care of it when he returned home. He understood I did everything I could, and was still happy with the car.

He dropped me off at my house, and I watched the car drive off for the last time. Not going to lie, I was a little choked up. However, I am happy to see it go to an owner who is a car enthusiast and loves the car. He’s already got some modifications planned. He was also very happy to learn that he wouldn’t have to remove any of the modifications since he lives in a county without inspection.

A few days later, I emailed him to see how his drive went and if he and his fiance were happy with the car. He was ecstatic since the car could stay as it was and the drive went great. His fiance (not a car person) loves the car, which may be more of a problem than if she didn’t!


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