Interior Pics – 2012-01-16

Taking interior pictures is a lot harder than it sounds. Getting the light evenly across the interior is a daunting task. Some of the angles require a contortionist. However, they do come out pretty cool. Next time, I will have to take them in a large parking lot; the garage looks bad in the background.


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4 Responses to Interior Pics – 2012-01-16

  1. Keepin’ it clean I see

  2. justmyphoto says:

    Great Pictures! I have 2011 3 series and love it. It is truly the Ultimate Driving Machine.

    • spngr311 says:

      Thanks! These were a lot harder than I anticipated. I love my 330ci, it’s a great driving car, and looks great. Unfortunately, I need to pick up a four door. I plan to stick with BMW, but probably not a 3.

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