Gran Turismo 5 Logitech G27 Setup

After the game being out for around a year, I finally broke down and picked up the Logitech G27 steering wheel, pedals, and shifter. However, using pedals and a wheel is not fun when sitting on a couch, so a proper cockpit needed to be developed. Fortunately, I still have my welder and metal working tools from my years working on cars, specifically my old mini-truck.

Revision 1

My goal for this design was to utilize steel I could pick up locally and easily. I decided to try building it from 1″x1″x1/16″ square steel tubing. This tubing is readily available from Home Depot and Lowes, but a little more expensive than buying it from a steel supplier. This design utilized basic 45* and 90* angles. To keep things even more basic, the corners were not mitered. Utilizing my 330ci as a template, I created a framework that mimicked sitting in an E46.

Unfortunately, this setup was too wide to easily fit through my doorway. This was a big issue, since I planned to move the setup from the front room to a back office when not in use. A new design was needed.

Revision 2

After giving it some thought, I kept the same basic setup for the seat itself, but gave it a slight angle so that the seat was more like my car’s angle. On the wheel support, I switched to a single spine that runs from the wheel to the pedals and back to the seat. A slip over joint is pinned through the seat and the foot on the wheel support. The shifter is welded to the wheel support component. The spine itself is made from 3″x2″x1/8″ steel tubing. The joints are all mitered for the spine and has a 30* angle to it. This time around, I went away from an epoxy black paint and used a metallic blue.

The wheel stand is very stable, yet narrow enough to easily fit through the door. The seat and chair assemble easily and quickly. The seat position relative to the wheel is perfect, and lines up with the TV very well. It is an excellent setup. Racing games are now much more enjoyable. I can’t imagine playing racing games any other way!


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One Response to Gran Turismo 5 Logitech G27 Setup

  1. Jimmy says:

    Hi, you wouldn’t happen to have the dimensions/plans or measurements for your revision 2 racing sim. It looks great!! I’d like to make one myself.


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