5-Series Shoot – 9-30-2011

After a long hiatus, I was finally able to shoot my friends’ 5-series. One is Alex’s 528i, a car I have shot before, but now sports a slammed suspension and new wheels. It is looking great. The other is Tyler’s new to him E39 M5. This car was owned by a friend and has been modified nicely. The car is pristine and very sick. This has always been Tyler’s dream car and he is extremely excited to finally own it. It does need to go lower, but all in due time.

Alex’s 528i is always a pleasure to shoot. The Arctic Silver paint pops well in the dark areas we tend to shoot it at. Unfortunately, I need to pick up some gels to match the yellow of the parking lot lamps. Next time. This is also the second time I have spent any significant time post processing my images. It’s amazing how much power you have and how much you can improve an image with Photoshop.

I really like how this shot came out. The color of the car is much more even and the car really pops against the river.

Tyler’s car was a nightmare to shoot in this location. Black and dark colored cars are very hard to autofocus on. I picked up a spot light for next time, but I did not have that luxury this time around. Initially, I was not happy with these images, but I eventually went back over these and I think I was able to salvage them somewhat. Next time will be better.

A group shot of the two cars was a bit challenging. I only had two flashes and one of them was running low on battery. Unfortunately, that was the one on the black car. The only funny thing was how much higher Tyler’s car looks than Alex’s. Perhaps that drop is needed sooner rather than later!

A friend of Tyler’s showed up with his bike and I couldn’t resist the way the bike looked in the streetlight.


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