Flashes – Second Attempt – 2011-07-30

After scouting around and checking Google Maps, my friend, Alex, and I settled on the Eau Gallie Causeway as the next locale for our photo shoot. This location provided me with the backdrop I was looking for, a sunset over the water. Since my friend was with me, I focused on his ride – I can always head out whenever I’d like to take pics of my car!

This first shot is before we set anything up, but I think it may be one of my favorites. It has everything I like in a picture, good depth of field, contrast, good light. Oddly enough, it was just a spur of the moment shot.

This was one of the first shots I took that day after setting up the flashes. It is the shot I was looking for last week, although the sky was still a little bright. Unfortunately, the grass is a bit unsaturated.

This image has the right sky, but the illumination of the car is a little uneven. This was a problem that I had during the entire shoot.

The sky on this shot was even better than on the previous shots, but the two hotspots by the doors killed it for me. I spent a bit of time in Photoshop editing this image and I think I was able to improve it.

The sky is pretty good on this one. The sun had pretty much disappeared behind the clouds. Still have that hotspot on the door though.

At this point, I had Alex pull his car forward some. I wanted to get some pictures from the front, but there was a fisherman in frame. Unfortunately, I didn’t like any of the pics from the front and was not paying attention to where the car was moved. The car was now slanting away from the camera. I did not notice this until I got home. In this situation, I should have had him move the car, or stick with side views where the slope will be minimized. Adding insult to injury, the sky was excellent at this point!

This image has a much better exposure on the car and the sky, but the angle of the car leaves a lot to be desired.

At this point, the sky was perfect. It was dramatic and the car was popping very well from the surroundings. I think I was just so excited from how the sky looked with the car that I completely missed that the car was angled so horribly.

Here’s the only picture of my car that I was moderately happy with. Unfortunately, the flashes were starting to act up on me – the batteries were dying and I was having trouble getting the proper exposure on it. Next time.

I really liked the location, but unfortunately, I think it does have some limitations. Any angled views of the car are going to be hard to capture and still have the sun behind the car. Now this becomes less of an issue as the sun drops, but to get that bit of light across the water to the car, you’re limited to mostly side views. Also, the location has a lot of dips and the terrain is not regular like most of the parking lots I shoot in. I have to be more cognizant of my surroundings. While Alex was happy with how the pictures came out, I know I can do better and can’t wait to prove it.


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