Experimenting with Flashes – 2011-07-24

I recently picked up a set of wireless flash triggers and put them to use photographing my car in its freshly waxed and polished state. Since I only have two flashes, I only used 2 of the 3 triggers I have. All shots were taken on my Canon Rebel T1i, with a Sigma 24-70 f2.8 with a CPL. The aperture and shutter speeds are in the exif data for the images.

For this first shot, the camera left flash is in front of the passenger’s side headlight and at about shoulder height, aimed towards the center emblem on the hood. It’s set to full power. The camera right flash is at about the rear wheel and at the same height as the camera left flash. It is aimed at the driver’s side door. It is also at full power. I am content with how the sky looks, but am a little disappointed in the locations of the flashes and the illumination of the car.

On this second shot, I moved both flashes closer to the car. I also lowered the height of the camera right flash to about the door height and centered in front of the driver’s side door. The camera left flash is at the same height as before, but is now centered in front of the grill. I am happy with the illumination of the car, but I’m starting to lose the sky. It’s becoming too blue and I am starting to lose the definition and contrast it was previously providing.

I changed my AF point for this shot and moved it to the bottom center. I wanted to get more of the sky in the image to give me some flexibility later when I cropped it in post processing. The flashes are in the same area. Unfortunately, a light in the parking lot was bouncing off of the rear bumper and was adding a hot spot. The composition of this image is better, but the drab sky and hot spot take away from it.

For this final shot, I kept the flashes in the same spot and the same AF point. However, I took a reflector and blocked the light from the broken parking lot light. Unfortunately, the sky is completely blue at this point and the entire image is just bland. Some more powerful lighting or a slightly longer shutter speed may have helped though.

The most disappointing part of the evening shoot was that the western sky was much better looking with interesting cloud patterns and many hues of red. I am happy with how much I learned with using the flashes, so the night was not a total loss. I am now scouting out for a spot on the east bank of the river and hopefully, I’ll get out there soon.


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