Viera Wetlands – 06/26/2011

After the storms passed through Sunday afternoon, my wife and I headed out to the Viera Wetlands. The lighting was relatively overcast still and it was late in the day, all but ensuring that we were going to have some good luck.

This was my favorite picture from the evening. The colors and the detail on the heron worked really well for me, even though the bird was relatively obscured.

I enjoyed the texture of the gator against the smooth bright water in this shot. I wish I could have gotten the gator away from the vegetation more.

Juvenile wood stork:

Rosetta spoon bill and snowy egrets:

Hungry wood stork, little blue heron, and snowy egret:

Little blue heron:

I wanted to try saving my images as Jpeg’s instead of using the Save for Web feature in CS5. I wanted to preserve the EXIF data of the RAW images and I noticed later that my images were all a bit more subdued than I remember editing them. I found out that they were being brought into Camera RAW as Adobe RGB and not the sRGB that they would later be displayed as. I have to read up more on the color profile issue, but I think I have it figured out (I set my RAW to use sRGB, and that looks to have helped).

White egret saved as jpeg:

White egret saved for web:

Little Blue Heron saved as a jpeg copy:

Little blue heron saved for web:


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