Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge – 06/17/2011

My original plan for Friday evening was to head out to Orlando and photographing a local drift event, but the early evening thunderstorms were not cooperating. I still wanted to take some pictures and try out my teleconverter, so I met my wife at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. This proved to be a good decision. The lighting was perfect, the overcast skies softened the shadows substantially, but did not cut the light down to an unusable amount. I was lucky to see a huge racoon and a bobcat while I was out there, but not quick enough on the draw to get a picture of either. Maybe next time.

These cormorants are always sitting on these posts, and I finally had the reach to get an acceptable shot of them. I really want to get a closer shot though, their eyes have a very cool look to them.

White egrets are always good subjects.

I love how the sand looks around this baby stilt. I may try to edit this picture some to make the stilt stand out more from the ground.

This adult stilt was not happy we were around. It squawked the whole time we were there, and was never too far away from its babies.

I have come to the conclusion that the green heron is one of my favorite birds to photograph. The colors and definition of its feathers really make for an excellent subject. Unfortunately, this guy was a little skittish, and took off before I could get any more pictures of it.

This red heron was towards the end of the drive, and I wanted to overexpose the water, but I ended up washing out its colors. I’ll have to edit this one more to see if I can get the effect I was looking for.

The same occurred on this multi-colored heron.


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