MINWR Photos – 02-20-2011

This past weekend, I had another opportunity to join the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Photography Club on a field trip with noted nature photography Robert Amoruso. The advice he gave us was excellent and very useful. His advice on proper exposure and composing backgrounds for the subjects was very beneficial.

This great blue heron was being a bit difficult. Unfortunately, it did not provide the best background. It was a bit too close to the brush behind it and I did not have enough aperture to blur it out.

This snowy egret is a better example of what we were aiming for that day. The blue water provides for a pleasing back drop against which the white of the egret contrasts well.

I loved how this reddish egret was walking. It definitely had some swagger to it while it was hunting!

This snowy egret (may have been the same one) had wandered into an area surrounded by mangroves. The water was much darker looking here, due to the shadows, that I felt it would look better with the water almost black. It wasn’t until later that I noticed I had lost some of the detail in the beak and that several white spots by the mangroves were popping up. Personally, I still like the contrast of the image.

A picture of my lovely wife by the area of the park she volunteers to maintain:


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