Ancient History – Lexus GS300 Shoot

I was browsing through my photobucket account and stumbled upon a photo shoot I did a few years back. Grip Industries just finished working on a sick Lexus GS300 and invited members of a local car forum to shoot some pictures for them. I was just starting to get into automotive photography and jumped at the chance to shoot pictures of a car that was finished and something I have never taken pictures of before. Grip Industries also had some pretty cool locations in mind to shoot it at.

My favorite part of this shoot was this location. It’s located outside of a junkyard in Rockledge and I couldn’t remember where it was. A little detective work from the pictures and I was able to figure it out. Look for a future shoot from here.

These shots were taken at one of my favorite spots to shoot. I haven’t been there recently and will have to take a trip out there again soon.

It’s kind of fun to look through these old pictures. Some of the shots here leave a lot to be desired. I enjoy seeing how much I feel I have progressed as a photographer.


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