Mtech II Finished!

I finally got my Mtech II kit on my E46. I’m very happy with how the car looks. I’m also enjoying how my pictures from today came out! It’s amazing how much a difference a few hours of daylight make. The first two images were taken around 4 pm.

The shadows and lighting is much harsher than I had hoped. I was just a little too early. The next four pictures were taken at 6 pm. The lighting was much better and provided for some excellent coloring.

What amazed me most was how much 15 minutes made in the light around sunset! These last two images were taken around 6:15-6:20. The sky started to get a deeper purple color and it complimented the color of the car very well.

Now I’m finally finished with the mods to the exterior of the E46. I couldn’t be happier with how this car has come out. I can’t wait until the next photo session with my friends. We’re planning to start experimenting with soft boxes and artificial light that we can control. Should be very entertaining.


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