Wildlife Pics – Valentine’s Day Gift for my wife

I recently bought my wife a Sigma 120-400 F5.6 lens for Valentine’s Day. We spent the following weekend taking pictures at Viera Wetlands and Pelican Island. Here are the pictures she took that I post-processed for her.

An anhinga drying itself at Viera:

This juvenile black-crowned night heron was one of her favorite pictures from the day at Viera Wetlands.

However, our favorite shot from the day at Viera were these birds flying away from us at Sunset:

Upon entering Pelican Island, we came across several cattle egret. This one caught a grasshopper:

This pelican proved to be rather difficult for us to capture a clean shot. The mangroves lined the trail and had very few breaks in them.

This wood stork’s eyes were bigger than its stomach and it struggled to deal with this fish carcass:

As far as its reach is, it still has some limitations. This kestrel proved to be a bit too far for us:

This common yellow song bird was in a heavily shaded area and did not come out very well.

However, the markings of the bird and background proved to make a pretty cool watercolor in Photoshop:

Overall, our impressions of the Sigma 120-400mm lens are very good. The build quality is solid, and the image quality is rather good on her ancient Rebel XT. It really has put a good impression of Sigma’s top-level lenses in my mind. Because of the experience we have had with this lens, I plan to pick up a 24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8, and 2x teleconverter from them in the future for myself!


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