E46 Dynavin Wiring

The Dynavin head unit for the E46 is an awesome upgrade for any 3-series owner. The added functionality of navigation, bluetooth, MP3, and DVD is a must for the enthusiast. However, if your car already had the OEM navigation system, the process is a lot more complicated than the standard install. Most people will use a FAKRA 5M harness that moves the connections that are in the trunk of the navigation wired 3-series to the dash where the basic radio systems have them. Even this harness requires some modifications to work properly. Also, if you have an aftermarket amplifier, the Fakra harness is an added hindrance.

The E46 coupe I purchased was originally equipped with the Harmon Kardon stereo system and the OEM navigation system. However, the first owner (I am the third) had removed the OEM navigation, subwoofers, and amplifier to install their own aftermarket system. Unfortunately, it was removed by the time the second owner purchased it. Fortunately, all the harnesses were relatively intact, and the A/C box was not modified for a double DIN unit. I decided I needed to add a new 5-channel amplifier, 10″ subwoofer, and a Dynavin head unit.

The first problem for me was getting the Dynavin head unit wired into the car. I spliced into the blue harness behind the dash. Here is the blue harness with the blue shell removed:

This is how I wired the Dynavin harness to the “blue” BMW harness and what each wire does:

BMW Harness Dynavin Harness Purpose
Brown Black Ground
Brown Pink Ground (Parking Wire)
Purple-White Red 12V Ignition trigger
Red-Green Yellow 12V Constant
Red-Grey Orange Illumination
White-Red-Yellow White (on Sys-Box) Steering Wheel Controls

For the steering wheel controls, make sure to plug the jack into the female plug labeled IR on the Dynavin unit. I ran a hook-up wire from the Blue wire on the Dynavin to the switch power wire on the amp.

Since I have an aftermarket amplifier, I did not bother trying to figure out what speaker wires output where. I just ran RCA wires from the Dynavin to the amplifier to provide signals for the four channels. From the amp, I ran the four outputs to a pair of 3-way crossovers for the front speakers and a pair of 2-way crossovers for the rear speakers. I did not want to run new speaker wires from the crossovers, so I spliced into the amplifier harness. The harness is really two harnesses held together with a clip. One half is black, the other gray. After searching the internet for a while, I came upon this wiring information and hooked up the the crossovers as needed:

Wire Color BMW Harness Number Purpose
Yellow 13 Tweeter Rear Right+
Blue-Yellow 21 Tweeter Rear Right-
Blue-Brown 12 Tweeter Front Right-
Blue-Black 11 Tweeter Front Right+
Blue-White 4 Woofer Front Left+
Blue-Brown 3 Woofer Front Left-
Yellow 2 Woofer Rear Left+
Brown 1 Woofer Rear Left-
Yellow-Brown 34 Tweeter Front Left-
Green 42 Mid Front Right+
Yellow-Red 33 Tweeter Front Left+
Blue-Green 41 Mid Front Right-
Yellow-Brown 32 Tweeter Rear Left+
White 40 Mid Front Left+
Yellow-Black 31 Tweeter Rear Left+
Blue-White 40 Mid Front Left-
Blue 25 Woofer Rear Right+
Brown 24 Woofer Rear Right-
Blue-Red 23 Woofer Front Right+
Blue-Brown 22 Woofer Front Right-

I put the crossovers on on a piece of wood that I flocked and put it in the location where the OEM amplifier was located. I will probably extend the wires a little as they are a bit tight, but they work. For the antennae, I ran an extension cable from the trunk to the back of the head unit. My reception is not very good, but it was not very good with the other head unit either. Fortunately, I don’t use the radio much, and listen to my MP3 collection constantly.

The GPS antennae was placed under the parcel deck under the rear window. I ran the wire with the rest of the wires.

Here are the images of the amplifier installed and the box mounted in the trunk:

Here is a shot of the Dynavin installed in the dash:


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6 Responses to E46 Dynavin Wiring

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  3. Derek says:

    Would you say it was worth the effort over the stock navigation system? Any problems so far?

    • spngr311 says:

      If you do not have factory navigation, it is definitely worth it over the headaches of the OEM install. Even if you do have factory navigation, the additional features of the Dynavin unit make it a great upgrade. It is also a very good upgrade if you have an aftermarket amp and subwoofer(s).

      I have not had any problems with the unit so far and have been very happy with it. One upgrade to the Dynavin I recommend is to get the newest version of Igo 8.3. Igo 8.3 is higher resolution, has more POI’s, and the most recent maps.

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