This has been a very productive weekend! I changed the water pump, radiator hoses, belts, water pump pulley, expansion tank, aux fan switch, coolant, lower intake tube, diff fluid, finished wiring my Dynavin in (how-to coming), flocked my amp holder and sub box, installed my amp, wired my sub, installed my new wheels, and washed it. It has come along so well, I am really enjoying the progress I have achieved so far and can’t wait to see it completely done. Here are the new pics with the wheels:


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2 Responses to Progress!!

  1. Stephen M says:

    Do not consider buying any Dynavin products – I bought one for my new Audi A3 and have nothing but problems. The quality is poor – you get feedback in the stereo, the bluetooth is weak at best. And when it comes to service, I have had a terrible repair service experience with Dynavin. After shipping the product to them and having it installed and reinstalled a few times it is in worse condition after they supposedly repaired it. Head office refuses to honour any warranty and are completely unhelpful. It has been a waste of money and an absolutely terrible product.

    • spngr311 says:

      While I don’t doubt the experience you have had, I haven’t had that experience. The bluetooth is not that bad, the sound quality is probably at least as good as the stock unit, and the fit was good. I’ve had mine for over a year without any problems (knock on wood). Sorry you had a bad experience with your’s though.

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