So much for flocking the stereo parts…

My 330ci figured out that I was bluffing about actually finishing the mechanical maintenance for it this weekend and decided to force the issue last night. While driving to the gym, a strange “fapping” sound started to come from the engine bay, followed by a coolant level light illuminating on my dash. Upon arriving at the gym and exiting my car, I was hit by the smell of coolant. A brief inspection under the hood revealed a puddle of coolant in the belly pan of the engine bay. My first thought was the water pump failed as I could not see very well what was going on in the engine bay. My wife called AAA and a tow truck was on its way and pretty much arrived as we finished our workout.

Once the car was in the garage, I started tearing into it. One of the belts I had recently replaced had frayed and split down one of the ribs and tore a hole into the adjacent radiator hose. Unfortunately, I did not order the coolant maintenance package with the belts because they were just replaced and had to rush to the auto parts store to pick up new ones (the other belt had deteriorated as well from rubbing the alternator cooling duct). Fortunately, they had them.

I spent the rest of the evening taking the expansion tank, hoses, and belts off. I will replace the water pump, thermostat, and lower intake tube tonight since everything is apart and the car is cool. I kind of want to change the differential fluid and install my new shifter while the car is in this current deabilitated state. May even leave it on jackstands through Saturday morning as my new wheels arrive Friday and I’ll get my tires for it Saturday morning.

Maybe this was a blessing in disguise; although, I could have went without the $100 towing bill…


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