Almost there!

Finished building the box and bottom portion of the amp rack Sunday (thanks Josh and Paul for the help!). The majority of the top of the amp rack is cut, but I want to do this part last as it requires the other items to be in place. I had to modify my design somewhat. I had one dimension wrong on the amp rack and had to do a quick revision in the field. Glad I bought that extra sheet of MDF!

I have to sanded it down some, put some wood filler in some spots, and sealed them with urethane. They are now ready to be flocked.

I plan to start flocking them tonight. This should work out well as it takes about 2-3 days for the flocking material to dry. I’ll wire them in this weekend. Hopefully, I’ll be putting new wheels on this weekend as well, but that is not looking likely. If I have time, I will also do the cooling system maintenance, changed the lower intake tube, and install the new shifter and linkage.


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