Audio Dilemma Solved!

I finally figured out what I have to do to get the Dynavin head unit working in my car. I do not think I need the Fakra harness and plan to move forward without it. There are a few complications to this. Running some power and ground connections to the Dynavin are easy to solve, as well as getting the signal from the Dynavin to the speakers. I plan to run RCA’s out from the Dynavin and run them to a 5-channel amplifier (Hifonics Zeus ZXi8006). However, this introduces the larger problem. The Harman Kardon stereo system originally equipped in my car has 10 speakers and two subwoofers in it. Each front door has 3 speakers (tweeter, mid, and woofer) and each side of the rear has a woofer/mid fill and tweeter. I had to order two 3-way passive crossovers and two 2-way passive crossovers to turn the four signals coming from the amplifier into 10 signals for the speakers. I am going to run a single 10″ Alpine Shallow Mount Subwoofer mounted in a box that fits in the trunk under the parcel deck. While I wait for it all to show up, I will run all the wires and get the Dynavin powered up and configured.


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