Pics with the longboard and rack!

While the surf may have been non-existent, I did have the opportunity to snap some pictures of my car with the board on it.

The rack is a Yakima rack using their Strap Thing for the board strap. The straps are terrible. I did not like watching my board bounce six inches in my rear view mirror driving to the beach. Who would’ve thought that rubber bands would not provide a solid mounting solution?!? Needless to say, I went down to a local shop (Longboard House) and picked up the FCS straps. They are a nylon strap with a loop over buckle system for strapping the board down. Much better solution. I should’ve snapped a pic of the front of the car to show off the fairing. It looks awesome. Unfortunately, the rack is a bit loud on the highway and seems to hurt my gas mileage. The rack comes off very easily and quickly, so I removed it for the aforementioned reasons and to help prolong the life of the components. I can’t imagine sitting in the sun/salt/rain all day is good for the rubber and plastic components. The car does look bad ass with the rack though.


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