Day One

I picked up my 2002 BMW 330ci with 117k miles on July 9th, 2010.  It has a 5-speed manual transmission, HID’s, angel eye headlights, smoked corner markers and side turn signals, DDM coil overs, and 17″ M3 “Contour” wheels.  The car needed a windshield wiper reservoir, a crappy aftermarket head unit (to replace the excellent OEM GPS unit), coolant level sensor, new shift knob to replace the baseball sized branding iron it had, replace the shifter bushings, the interior trim needs work, and needs a new amp and subwoofer.  I placed an order for a new shift knob, coolant sensor, windshield wiper reservoir, and oil change supplies, and spent the weekend cleaning her up and gave her a good buffing and polishing. 

Definitely a good start.  After I finish the aforementioned irritations, I plan to get new wheels for it, get a new GPS head unit, add a new amp and subwoofer, get the M-Tech II body kit, replace the cooling system, and replace the suspension components (including the subframe reinforcement).


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